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Brazilianisms 029: Rio and its Favelas Prompted by a lively discussion in the comments, Milton and I discuss Rio and its favelas.
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Brazilianisms 028: Fabíola Milton has been pretty busy of late, so I tried doing a brief episode without him. Simone's cousin Fabíola takes his place.
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Brazilianisms 027: The Brazilian Economy We talk about the Brazilian economy, and Milton misses his bedtime.
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Brazilianisms 026: Catching Up On Feedback We catch up on some of the feedback that's piled up in our absence.

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Brazilianisms 025: We're Back! After a harrowing experience in the Toronto airport, I'm back in Brazil and ready to podcast. Milton's not so ready, but I finally convinced him to come over and record.
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Brazilianisms 024: John of God After a slight delay, we're back with a new episode. I, Milton and my brother Frank do a show from Abadiânia, where we went to see Brazilian healer John of God. (If only Milton had been cured of his insanely loud sniffles.)
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Brazilianisms 023: Feedback Milton and I record a bit of feedback before I head off to the US.
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Here are some highlights from my trip with Milton, showing a bit of Brasília and Abadiânia. We'll discuss the trip in detail in an upcoming episode.
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Brazilianisms 022: A Visit from Scotty J. Scotty J. stops by the show again, and we do an entire episode with him. Despite what we say at the beginning, this is actually episode 22 and not 21.
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Brazilianisms 021: Just Another Feedback Episode This is yet another feedback episode.
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Brazilianisms 020: The B-Word For our twentieth episode, I give Milton a tour of the Brazilianisms website and tell more amusing stories from my past in Brazil.
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Brazilianisms 019: The Portuguese Language We talk about one of Milton's least favorite subjects.
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Brazilianisms 018: Electric Feedback Boogaloo We got a lot of feedback from our series on race. Strangely, most of it was about electricity.
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Brazilianisms 017: Race (part 3) Bad sound quality strikes again. I think I've found the problem, so it won't happen again. (Of course, that's what I said last time.) In this episode, Milton and I talk a bit about the indigenous population of Brazil.
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Brazilianisms 016: Race (part 2) In the second part of our three-part look at race in Brazil, Milton and I  continue our discussion on  how blackness is regarded in Brazil and how it came to be that way.
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Brazilianisms 015: Race (part 1) This is the first of what will be at least a three-part series on race in Brazil. Unfortunately, gremlins once again attacked our sound equipment, and there seems to be no way to filter out the very annoying staticky crackle. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even publish this, but it's one of our best episodes. The next two race episodes (already recorded and without the crackle) really need the groundwork laid down in this one, so please give it a listen and accept my apologies. I'm taking measures to insure that nothing like this happens again.
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Brazilianisms 014: Milton Gets Better I Skype Milton to talk about his recovery and tell a couple of amusing anecdotes about Simone's sister. This is clearly not our best episode, and if your main reason for listening is to learn about Brazil, you'll probably want to skip this one. Next week we get back into the swing of things with the first installment of a three-part (at least) series about race in Brazil.
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Milton couldn't make it this week, so we don't have a regular episode. (We definitely will next week.) In the meantime, here's a short video showing the contents of my refrigerator.
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Brazilianisms 013: The Episode Where we Jump the Shark In our unlucky 13th episode Milton and I go so far off-topic, that it's not even funny. (Well, actually I suppose it is.) To make matters worse, serious back pain has delayed me getting this out, and I didn't have a chance to record an intro, resulting in the episode beginning and ending rather abruptly. Next episode will be better. I promise.
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Brazilianisms 012: Milton Wants to Climb a Tree The only thing between this episode and number 11 was a pizza. Ustream stopped working, so there's no video, but we managed to clear out a lot of feedback before getting distracted by old memories. There's still a bit remaining, though, and we'll finish it up next week on episode 13. Then we can get back to actual show topics.
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Episode 11 was our first attempt at a live show. It is a collection of some of the more amusing visual moments. Since this is recorded from what we streamed overseas to Ustream, the quality is not ideal.
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In Brazil there are no Easter baskets or dyed chicken eggs. Instead, people receive large hollow chocolate eggs with candy inside. This video features the egg I got for Simone.
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Brazilianisms 011: Live Feedback Milton and I had a lot of fun with this episode, mostly because we did a live video feed on Ustream while we were recording. Unfortunately, all we got were lurkers, so our hopes for viewer feedback on listener feedback went unfulfilled. Still, I think this was one of our better shows, and I may someday edit together a few video clips to make a short movie.
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Brazilianisms 010: Feedback Extravaganza This is the second episode of our three-part feedback extravaganza. After episode 11, we'll actually get back to having topics.
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Brazilianisms 009: Too Much Feedback! ☺ In this episode, Milton and I cover about a third of all the feedback we've accumulated over the past few weeks.
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This promo was created for us by Danny and Ashley of Danny Does Duluth. Feel free to play it anywhere you like.

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