Brazilianisms: a podcast about Brazil
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George Hrab and Slau conduct a blind taste test at Dragon*Con to determine whether or not Brazilian oreos are in fact inferior to American ones.
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Brazilianisms 040: Back in Brazil This is our first recording after Simone's and my return from the US. Milton and I talk about the Brazilianisms live show at Dragon*Con and the road trip I took with Simone. Also, we finally have decent microphones. (Now if only Milton would learn to hold his properly.)
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Brazilianisms 039: More on the Portuguese Language Milton talks about soccer, and then we revisit the Portuguese language.
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Brazilianisms 038: Holidays Milton and I talk about Brazilian holidays.
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Brazilianisms 037: Live at Dragon*Con

This episode was recorded live at the podcasting track of Dragon*Con 2009.

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Brazilianisms 036: Milton Finally Gets it Milton and I respond to more feedback, and we have a bit better sound quality.
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Brazilianisms 035: Feedback Milton and I catch up on various bits of interesting feedback.
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Brazilianisms 034: Miscellaneous Brazilian Cultural Traits Milton and I talk about some unusual characteristics of Brazilian culture.

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Brazilianisms 033: Belo Horizonte Milton and I talk about Belo Horizonte, the city where we live. Be sure to visit the website for a complete list of links to just about everything we discuss:
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Brazilianisms Mini-Episode 001: Milton Eats Cheese We're finally back. This is just a short mini-episode to get things started. The sound is very bad. Normally I'd just throw out the audio, but this is pretty short and is not something that could ever be recreated in a later episode. Future full-length episodes won't have stellar audio, but they'll definitely be better than this.
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Brazilianisms 032: Porcaria Finally we come out with a new episode! This was recorded back in December when I was still hoarse from my cold, so please excuse the rawness of my voice. Also, there's a break in the audio at the very beginning, but after that it's smooth sailing soundwise.

In this episode we basically talk about all the crap in Brazil and some of my frustrations living here. I sincerely hope this episode doesn't offend, as that was not our intent.
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Brazilianisms 031: Christmas We tried to do a show about Brazilian holidays and ended up just talking about Christmas.


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Brazilianisms 030: News, Vocabulary and Mosquitoes In this episode we talk about some interesting Portuguese vocabulary and then move on to some of the major Brazilian news stories of the past several months.


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