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In this episode we're a bit more organized and actually manage to talk about Brazil. Milton insists on opening the window, so there's a lot of street noise in the background.

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As happened last year, the first episode after I got back to Brazil is rather chaotic. We jump around a lot from topic to topic and somehow end up discussing the US more than Brazil. Also there's a lot of background noise from crinkly plastic bags. On the plus side, we're finally using a high-quality microphone.

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Finally, here is the episode we recorded for the second year in a row at Dragon*Con's podcasting track.

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Finally we come out with a new episode! This was recorded nearly six months ago, but it's still worth a listen, especially if you're a Milton fan.

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This is the fourth and final episode from our recording session with Spanky.

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Things get a little crazy as Milton and I enjoy the beer that Spanky brought us.

Word of the Day: Lúpulo

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Spanky stays on. We talk about the Alta Vila Tower Mall, rock art in Gruta Rei do Mato (I gave the wrong name in the episode), and frustrating experiences with the Federal Police and at the airport. Also, I like Prawer chocolate.

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Spanky drops by to record with us, bearing gifts. Meanwhile, a neighborhood dog barks and barks.

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We took such a long hiatus that we forgot that our previous episode was already dedicated to feedback, so you get two feedback shows in a row!

I know this wasn't one of our stronger episodes, but don't give up on us quite yet. Next week's show has a special surprise guest.

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We do a bit of feedback, speculate on Spanky, and talk about Milton's new motorcycle. Also, Milton is not gay.

(If anyone is having trouble accessing the site at, you can also get to it through .)

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Milton demonstrates some of the most important Brazilian gestures.

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Brazilianisms 041: Rocinha We interview Deejay Zezinho, whose company provides in-depth tours of Rocinha, Rio's largest favela.
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This is footage from my roadtrip with Simone in the US.
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