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We talk about English teaching in Brazil, and then we argue about race.

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Highlights from Simone and Kinsey's Third Annual Road Trip in the US

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I'm so late getting this posted that it's a bit out of date. I'm no longer preparing for a trip to the US but have actually been there and back. Still, the feedback is relevant.

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We chat with listener Brandon in what is the longest episode of Brazilianisms to date. We couldn't stop talking. The conversation was just that good.

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Milton discusses soccer in Brazil, and then we debate whether or not the traffic in Belo Horizonte has gotten worse over the years.

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I have a short conversation with listener Mark at Dragon*Con.

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We cover a variety of topics and do a bit more feedback.

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We cover a bit of feedback.

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We're finally back with another feedback episode!

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Milton tries to explain something about the curriculum where we teach English, and I become hopelessly confused. Don't expect to learn anything about Brazil in this slightly humorous mini episode.

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We talk about our experiences teaching and learning foreign languages.

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This episode is mainly about my recent experiences being diagnosed and treated for kidney stones in Brazil. We also revisit the topic of green lasers being shot at airplanes, Milton tells about being nearly killed in a bicycle accident, and I talk about falling on some wet stairs.

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I apologize for the ridiculous amount of background noises heard throughout the episode. Some crazy neighbor decided to hammer and use power tools as we were recording. Since opportunities to record with Milton are few and far between, I decided to go on with the show. In this episode, we compare healthcare in the US and Brazil. Then we discuss the Pirahã indians and their unique cultural and linguistic traits.

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Milton is back! As always, it takes awhile to get back into the swing of things, but we muddle through.

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Here at last is our long-awaited Brazilian music episode. I am by no means an expert on Brazilian music, but I hope that this sampling gives a general idea of the range of musical styles produced in Brazil. I would especially like to thank Israeli podcaster Guy David for making this episode possible. In Israel it is legal to include copyrighted music in a podcast with the only requirement being that it is properly sited. With that in mind, I asked Guy if he would mind hosting this episode in his Israeli podcasting account. He graciously agreed, and thanks to him, I am now able to share all these songs with my listeners. The links below take you to iTunes, where you download each individual song (assuming you are using the US iTunes store). If you want to see all the songs together, you can go to my iTunes playlist. Enjoy!

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