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Highlights from Simone and Kinsey's Fourth Annual Road Trip in the US

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As happened last year, I met up with Mark at Dragon*Con to record an episode. This time it was a success! Mark worked as a missionary in Rio Grande do Sul for two years in the late 90s. He talks about his experiences there, and then we chat about Dragon*Con.

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I chat with Shelley from the blog <a href="">Give us this day our daily mango</a>. Shelley is an American who recently moved to Brazil with her husband and three children.

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Milton stops by to chat about his childhood memories as well as his broken arm. Also, here's the China in Box commercial.

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I chat with Kika and MdC Suingue from the Caipirinha Appreciation Society, an English language Brazilian music podcast.


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Loren is an American married to Brazilian veterinarian Monike. I chat with them about how they met and the interesting misunderstandings and cultural differences they have encountered. Loren is learning Portuguese by reading Mônica comics and watching Zorra Total.

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Mike is an American who has visited Brazil three times over the past three years and hopes to eventually spend a year living there. He talks about his experiences (mostly in Rio) and why he considers Brazil his favorite place on earth.

Mike keeps up to date about Brazil on Twitter by following @10kjuan@brazzil, @thebrazilbiz,@thebrazilshow, and of course @brazilianisms. He's currently reading The Masters and the Slaves by Gilberto Freyre. He has gotten to know and hang out with many cool Brazilians he met on CouchSurfing.

Mike blogs about Brazil at American Mind -- Espírito Brasileiro. You can also follow him on Twitter and friend him on Facebook.

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I talk to 10kJuan, an Ecuadorian-Spanish-American from Queens, New York who currently resides in São Paulo. 

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Brandon revisits the show with an update on his experiences as his move to Brazil draws near.

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 I do my second solo episode and discuss interesting news items.

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We talk about some news stories and ideas for future show topics. Then we go off on a tangent and discuss Milton's crappy computer. This is a longer-than-usual episode, and for some reason the audio gets a bit crackly after 43 minutes. Sorry about that.


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Milton shaved off his beard! Besides feedback, we talk about Netflix in Brazil, the adorable Capivari currency, and people who can't tell time. Also, Brazil is one of the eight most complicated countries to visit.

This episode has been brought to you by the numbers 24171 and X9.

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Highlights from Simone and Kinsey's Second Annual Road Trip in the US.

I know I put in quite a lot of Disney parade footage, but I really didn't have much other video from that trip.

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