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Brazilianisms 018: Electric Feedback Boogaloo We got a lot of feedback from our series on race. Strangely, most of it was about electricity.
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Brazilianisms 017: Race (part 3) Bad sound quality strikes again. I think I've found the problem, so it won't happen again. (Of course, that's what I said last time.) In this episode, Milton and I talk a bit about the indigenous population of Brazil.
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Brazilianisms 016: Race (part 2) In the second part of our three-part look at race in Brazil, Milton and I  continue our discussion on  how blackness is regarded in Brazil and how it came to be that way.
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Brazilianisms 015: Race (part 1) This is the first of what will be at least a three-part series on race in Brazil. Unfortunately, gremlins once again attacked our sound equipment, and there seems to be no way to filter out the very annoying staticky crackle. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even publish this, but it's one of our best episodes. The next two race episodes (already recorded and without the crackle) really need the groundwork laid down in this one, so please give it a listen and accept my apologies. I'm taking measures to insure that nothing like this happens again.
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