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We talk about English teaching in Brazil, and then we argue about race.

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Highlights from Simone and Kinsey's Third Annual Road Trip in the US

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I'm so late getting this posted that it's a bit out of date. I'm no longer preparing for a trip to the US but have actually been there and back. Still, the feedback is relevant.

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We chat with listener Brandon in what is the longest episode of Brazilianisms to date. We couldn't stop talking. The conversation was just that good.

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Milton discusses soccer in Brazil, and then we debate whether or not the traffic in Belo Horizonte has gotten worse over the years.

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I have a short conversation with listener Mark at Dragon*Con.

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We cover a variety of topics and do a bit more feedback.

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We cover a bit of feedback.

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We're finally back with another feedback episode!

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Milton tries to explain something about the curriculum where we teach English, and I become hopelessly confused. Don't expect to learn anything about Brazil in this slightly humorous mini episode.

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