Brazilianisms: a podcast about Brazil (regular episodes)
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Andreh is an American married to a Brazilian. He lives in Brasilia and teaches English there. We discuss his experiences in Brazil, his thoughts on Brazilian customer service, and the current political situation. (Please note that this was recorded a few months ago, so his views on Dilma's impeachment are not based on current information.)

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I chat with Dayane, a self-taught English speaker who lives in São Paulo.

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I chat with Zezinho about life in Rocinha, his favela tour company, the community center he's working on, and his cats. He's an old friend of the podcast. Last time we talked was back in episode 41.


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Milton pops in to talk about his recent trip to Canada as well as his motorcycle trip adventures to some small towns in Brazil.

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Coming out of a long hiatus, I talk about the 2014 World Cup, that was hosted in Brazil. Then I play clip of a neuroscientist's take on capoeira.


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Jake is an American musician with a love for all kinds of Brazilian music. He and his Forró band z'Bumba, create awesome authentic-sounding Brazilian music in Portland, Oregon.


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I chat with Mike again. When last we spoke in episode 69, he was in the U.S. planning to one day return to Brazil. Now he's living in São Paulo!


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I chat with Kacie, an American who spent time in Joinville, Santa Catarina teaching English.

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Milton stops by to chat about his new car and driving in Brazil.

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I chat with Rafucko, a Brazilian in Rio who blogs and produces YouTube videos in English about Brazil's social and political problems. (He also blogs and produces videos in Portuguese.) The tagline for his new show, entitled "Brazil Without Make-Up," is "An honest guide to my beautiful country. Unveiling Brazil's best kept secrets :)" 


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