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Andreh is an American married to a Brazilian. He lives in Brasilia and teaches English there. We discuss his experiences in Brazil, his thoughts on Brazilian customer service, and the current political situation. (Please note that this was recorded a few months ago, so his views on Dilma's impeachment are not based on current information.)

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I chat with Dayane, a self-taught English speaker who lives in São Paulo.

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I chat with Zezinho about life in Rocinha, his favela tour company, the community center he's working on, and his cats. He's an old friend of the podcast. Last time we talked was back in episode 41.


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Milton pops in to talk about his recent trip to Canada as well as his motorcycle trip adventures to some small towns in Brazil.

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Coming out of a long hiatus, I talk about the 2014 World Cup, that was hosted in Brazil. Then I play clip of a neuroscientist's take on capoeira.


keywords: World Cup, Brazil, capoeira, podcast, soccer

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Jake is an American musician with a love for all kinds of Brazilian music. He and his Forró band z'Bumba, create awesome authentic-sounding Brazilian music in Portland, Oregon.


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I chat with Mike again. When last we spoke in episode 69, he was in the U.S. planning to one day return to Brazil. Now he's living in São Paulo!


keywords: Brazil, travel, São Paulo, culture, interview

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I chat with Kacie, an American who spent time in Joinville, Santa Catarina teaching English.

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Milton stops by to chat about his new car and driving in Brazil.

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I chat with Rafucko, a Brazilian in Rio who blogs and produces YouTube videos in English about Brazil's social and political problems. (He also blogs and produces videos in Portuguese.) The tagline for his new show, entitled "Brazil Without Make-Up," is "An honest guide to my beautiful country. Unveiling Brazil's best kept secrets :)" 


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Back in the 90s when I was a college student, Brazilian scholar Darcy Ribeiro visited Indiana University to give a lecture on his theories of race and culture in Latin America. (We discussed his ideas at length back in episode 15.) I attended his talk and recorded it with my trusty audio cassette recorder. The last time I was in the US, I managed to track down the tape and now offer it here as a digital download. This was recorded on September 19, 1992.

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As happened last year, I met up with Mark at Dragon*Con to record an episode. This time it was a success! Mark worked as a missionary in Rio Grande do Sul for two years in the late 90s. He talks about his experiences there, and then we chat about Dragon*Con.

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I chat with Shelley from the blog <a href="">Give us this day our daily mango</a>. Shelley is an American who recently moved to Brazil with her husband and three children.

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Milton stops by to chat about his childhood memories as well as his broken arm. Also, here's the China in Box commercial.

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I chat with Kika and MdC Suingue from the Caipirinha Appreciation Society, an English language Brazilian music podcast.


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Loren is an American married to Brazilian veterinarian Monike. I chat with them about how they met and the interesting misunderstandings and cultural differences they have encountered. Loren is learning Portuguese by reading Mônica comics and watching Zorra Total.

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Mike is an American who has visited Brazil three times over the past three years and hopes to eventually spend a year living there. He talks about his experiences (mostly in Rio) and why he considers Brazil his favorite place on earth.

Mike keeps up to date about Brazil on Twitter by following @10kjuan@brazzil, @thebrazilbiz,@thebrazilshow, and of course @brazilianisms. He's currently reading The Masters and the Slaves by Gilberto Freyre. He has gotten to know and hang out with many cool Brazilians he met on CouchSurfing.

Mike blogs about Brazil at American Mind -- Espírito Brasileiro. You can also follow him on Twitter and friend him on Facebook.

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I talk to 10kJuan, an Ecuadorian-Spanish-American from Queens, New York who currently resides in São Paulo. 

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Brandon revisits the show with an update on his experiences as his move to Brazil draws near.

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 I do my second solo episode and discuss interesting news items.

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We talk about some news stories and ideas for future show topics. Then we go off on a tangent and discuss Milton's crappy computer. This is a longer-than-usual episode, and for some reason the audio gets a bit crackly after 43 minutes. Sorry about that.


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Milton shaved off his beard! Besides feedback, we talk about Netflix in Brazil, the adorable Capivari currency, and people who can't tell time. Also, Brazil is one of the eight most complicated countries to visit.

This episode has been brought to you by the numbers 24171 and X9.

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We talk about English teaching in Brazil, and then we argue about race.

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I'm so late getting this posted that it's a bit out of date. I'm no longer preparing for a trip to the US but have actually been there and back. Still, the feedback is relevant.

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We chat with listener Brandon in what is the longest episode of Brazilianisms to date. We couldn't stop talking. The conversation was just that good.

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Milton discusses soccer in Brazil, and then we debate whether or not the traffic in Belo Horizonte has gotten worse over the years.

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We cover a variety of topics and do a bit more feedback.

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We cover a bit of feedback.

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We're finally back with another feedback episode!

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We talk about our experiences teaching and learning foreign languages.

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This episode is mainly about my recent experiences being diagnosed and treated for kidney stones in Brazil. We also revisit the topic of green lasers being shot at airplanes, Milton tells about being nearly killed in a bicycle accident, and I talk about falling on some wet stairs.

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I apologize for the ridiculous amount of background noises heard throughout the episode. Some crazy neighbor decided to hammer and use power tools as we were recording. Since opportunities to record with Milton are few and far between, I decided to go on with the show. In this episode, we compare healthcare in the US and Brazil. Then we discuss the Pirahã indians and their unique cultural and linguistic traits.

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Milton is back! As always, it takes awhile to get back into the swing of things, but we muddle through.

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Here at last is our long-awaited Brazilian music episode. I am by no means an expert on Brazilian music, but I hope that this sampling gives a general idea of the range of musical styles produced in Brazil. I would especially like to thank Israeli podcaster Guy David for making this episode possible. In Israel it is legal to include copyrighted music in a podcast with the only requirement being that it is properly sited. With that in mind, I asked Guy if he would mind hosting this episode in his Israeli podcasting account. He graciously agreed, and thanks to him, I am now able to share all these songs with my listeners. The links below take you to iTunes, where you download each individual song (assuming you are using the US iTunes store). If you want to see all the songs together, you can go to my iTunes playlist. Enjoy!

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As happened last year, the first episode after I got back to Brazil is rather chaotic. We jump around a lot from topic to topic and somehow end up discussing the US more than Brazil. Also there's a lot of background noise from crinkly plastic bags. On the plus side, we're finally using a high-quality microphone.

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Finally, here is the episode we recorded for the second year in a row at Dragon*Con's podcasting track.

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This is the fourth and final episode from our recording session with Spanky.

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Things get a little crazy as Milton and I enjoy the beer that Spanky brought us.

Word of the Day: Lúpulo

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Spanky stays on. We talk about the Alta Vila Tower Mall, rock art in Gruta Rei do Mato (I gave the wrong name in the episode), and frustrating experiences with the Federal Police and at the airport. Also, I like Prawer chocolate.

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Spanky drops by to record with us, bearing gifts. Meanwhile, a neighborhood dog barks and barks.

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We took such a long hiatus that we forgot that our previous episode was already dedicated to feedback, so you get two feedback shows in a row!

I know this wasn't one of our stronger episodes, but don't give up on us quite yet. Next week's show has a special surprise guest.

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We do a bit of feedback, speculate on Spanky, and talk about Milton's new motorcycle. Also, Milton is not gay.

(If anyone is having trouble accessing the site at, you can also get to it through .)

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Brazilianisms 041: Rocinha We interview Deejay Zezinho, whose company provides in-depth tours of Rocinha, Rio's largest favela.
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Brazilianisms 040: Back in Brazil This is our first recording after Simone's and my return from the US. Milton and I talk about the Brazilianisms live show at Dragon*Con and the road trip I took with Simone. Also, we finally have decent microphones. (Now if only Milton would learn to hold his properly.)
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Brazilianisms 039: More on the Portuguese Language Milton talks about soccer, and then we revisit the Portuguese language.
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Brazilianisms 038: Holidays Milton and I talk about Brazilian holidays.
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Brazilianisms 037: Live at Dragon*Con

This episode was recorded live at the podcasting track of Dragon*Con 2009.

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Brazilianisms 036: Milton Finally Gets it Milton and I respond to more feedback, and we have a bit better sound quality.
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Brazilianisms 035: Feedback Milton and I catch up on various bits of interesting feedback.
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Brazilianisms 034: Miscellaneous Brazilian Cultural Traits Milton and I talk about some unusual characteristics of Brazilian culture.

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Brazilianisms 033: Belo Horizonte Milton and I talk about Belo Horizonte, the city where we live. Be sure to visit the website for a complete list of links to just about everything we discuss:
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Brazilianisms 032: Porcaria Finally we come out with a new episode! This was recorded back in December when I was still hoarse from my cold, so please excuse the rawness of my voice. Also, there's a break in the audio at the very beginning, but after that it's smooth sailing soundwise.

In this episode we basically talk about all the crap in Brazil and some of my frustrations living here. I sincerely hope this episode doesn't offend, as that was not our intent.
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Brazilianisms 031: Christmas We tried to do a show about Brazilian holidays and ended up just talking about Christmas.


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Brazilianisms 030: News, Vocabulary and Mosquitoes In this episode we talk about some interesting Portuguese vocabulary and then move on to some of the major Brazilian news stories of the past several months.


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Brazilianisms 029: Rio and its Favelas Prompted by a lively discussion in the comments, Milton and I discuss Rio and its favelas.
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Brazilianisms 028: Fabíola Milton has been pretty busy of late, so I tried doing a brief episode without him. Simone's cousin Fabíola takes his place.
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Brazilianisms 027: The Brazilian Economy We talk about the Brazilian economy, and Milton misses his bedtime.
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Brazilianisms 026: Catching Up On Feedback We catch up on some of the feedback that's piled up in our absence.

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Brazilianisms 025: We're Back! After a harrowing experience in the Toronto airport, I'm back in Brazil and ready to podcast. Milton's not so ready, but I finally convinced him to come over and record.
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Brazilianisms 024: John of God After a slight delay, we're back with a new episode. I, Milton and my brother Frank do a show from Abadiânia, where we went to see Brazilian healer John of God. (If only Milton had been cured of his insanely loud sniffles.)
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Brazilianisms 023: Feedback Milton and I record a bit of feedback before I head off to the US.
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Brazilianisms 022: A Visit from Scotty J. Scotty J. stops by the show again, and we do an entire episode with him. Despite what we say at the beginning, this is actually episode 22 and not 21.
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Brazilianisms 021: Just Another Feedback Episode This is yet another feedback episode.
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Brazilianisms 020: The B-Word For our twentieth episode, I give Milton a tour of the Brazilianisms website and tell more amusing stories from my past in Brazil.
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Brazilianisms 019: The Portuguese Language We talk about one of Milton's least favorite subjects.
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Brazilianisms 018: Electric Feedback Boogaloo We got a lot of feedback from our series on race. Strangely, most of it was about electricity.
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Brazilianisms 017: Race (part 3) Bad sound quality strikes again. I think I've found the problem, so it won't happen again. (Of course, that's what I said last time.) In this episode, Milton and I talk a bit about the indigenous population of Brazil.
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Brazilianisms 016: Race (part 2) In the second part of our three-part look at race in Brazil, Milton and I  continue our discussion on  how blackness is regarded in Brazil and how it came to be that way.
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Brazilianisms 015: Race (part 1) This is the first of what will be at least a three-part series on race in Brazil. Unfortunately, gremlins once again attacked our sound equipment, and there seems to be no way to filter out the very annoying staticky crackle. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even publish this, but it's one of our best episodes. The next two race episodes (already recorded and without the crackle) really need the groundwork laid down in this one, so please give it a listen and accept my apologies. I'm taking measures to insure that nothing like this happens again.
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Brazilianisms 014: Milton Gets Better I Skype Milton to talk about his recovery and tell a couple of amusing anecdotes about Simone's sister. This is clearly not our best episode, and if your main reason for listening is to learn about Brazil, you'll probably want to skip this one. Next week we get back into the swing of things with the first installment of a three-part (at least) series about race in Brazil.
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Brazilianisms 013: The Episode Where we Jump the Shark In our unlucky 13th episode Milton and I go so far off-topic, that it's not even funny. (Well, actually I suppose it is.) To make matters worse, serious back pain has delayed me getting this out, and I didn't have a chance to record an intro, resulting in the episode beginning and ending rather abruptly. Next episode will be better. I promise.
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Brazilianisms 012: Milton Wants to Climb a Tree The only thing between this episode and number 11 was a pizza. Ustream stopped working, so there's no video, but we managed to clear out a lot of feedback before getting distracted by old memories. There's still a bit remaining, though, and we'll finish it up next week on episode 13. Then we can get back to actual show topics.
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Brazilianisms 011: Live Feedback Milton and I had a lot of fun with this episode, mostly because we did a live video feed on Ustream while we were recording. Unfortunately, all we got were lurkers, so our hopes for viewer feedback on listener feedback went unfulfilled. Still, I think this was one of our better shows, and I may someday edit together a few video clips to make a short movie.
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Brazilianisms 010: Feedback Extravaganza This is the second episode of our three-part feedback extravaganza. After episode 11, we'll actually get back to having topics.
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Brazilianisms 009: Too Much Feedback! ☺ In this episode, Milton and I cover about a third of all the feedback we've accumulated over the past few weeks.
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